Our Mission: Helping families travel and explore without breaking the bank


Do you wish you could travel more? Are you working on a bucket list?  Are you raising a family and longing to spend meaningful time with your children making memories that will last a lifetime?  Time together is the most precious gift we can give our families.  I don’t remember many of the gifts I received for Christmas or my birthday, but I treasure the memories I have of doing things with my parents- even simple things like playing board games and working in the garden. 


As we share this big crazy country we live in with our children, we will show you-yes, YOU- how you can do it too. Whether you’re considering becoming a fulltime family, planning an epic summer road trip, or looking for ways to make the most of your weekends, you will find tips, tricks, and hacks for traveling in an RV with kids.

We love helping families travel and explore on a budget, from free museums and other attractions, to making use of public lands for camping and recreation.  You’ll find reviews of places we’ve visited and camped- the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ll tell you where we’ve boondocked or dry-camped. We’ll share resources for roadschooling- homeschooling while traveling. You can read about our mistakes so that you can learn from them without having to make them yourself!  You’ll find space-saving hacks for your RV and ways to make your home-on-wheels truly a reflection of who you and your family are.

Please click the “Learn More” button below to find out some of the ways to stretch your budget as you start out, and check our blog regularly for  reviews of specific National Park sites, museums and zoos, camping areas, and things to do in various cities that we’ve visited.  You’ll also find RV lifestyle and roadschooling hints and helps.