Eating healthy while traveling

My family have long been fans of spaghetti squash as a replacement for white pasta. We made some for our friends the little zebra dragons, who made a funvideo of their taste test.

However, it’s hard for us to cook spaghetti squash in the RV. We don’t have an oven, only a two burner range. As much as we like spaghetti squash, we had to look for other vegetable-based pasta replacements. I often see zucchini “noodles” and butternut squash “noodles” in the refrigerated produce section of the grocery stores. These products look great, except for the price tag. Customers pay more for convenience, and in this case, you pay a lot for the convenience of not having to turn a vegetable into thin strips. So for a while, I cut a zucchini into strips by hand with a knife for me, while making my children eat regular pasta. Yes, my children prefer spaghetti squash to “regular” spaghetti! I have weird kids who like their veggies.

Then, one day, my husband was browsing the clearance section at the grocery store when he found a small spiralizer on clearance for $0.75. this little device is shaped like a cone, and and as you place the zucchini inside the cone and turn it, like sharpening a pencil with a hand sharpener, it creates long thin noodles of zucchini, or “zoodles.” I haven’t tried it with any other vegetables yet. The vegetable would have to be cut into a shape that would fit inside the cone.

Making zoodles with meat sauce

The zoodles cook quickly in a skillet, with a little bit of oil or butter.

This is much easier than boiling a pot of water to cook a traditional pasta, especially when boondocking in the desert, where water conservation is a must. The zoodles could be topped with almost anything. They would be yummy with some butter and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. They could be topped with an alfredo sauce and a protein such as chicken breast. This time however I chose to serve them with a tomato-based meat sauce.

Once the zoodles were cooked, I removed them from the skillet to a plate. That I was able to use the same skillet to brown ground beef. I added diced onion, bell pepper, and mmushrooms. Once the meat was browned, and the vegetables were soft, I added jarred spaghetti sauce. I could have used plain tomato sauce instead and seasoned it myself.


The zoodles had cooled a little, but once I poured the piping hot sauce over them it was all good!


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