Shopping for Gifts For RVers

It can be hard to know what to give families or children who are RVing fulltime. Space is limited, and families have to take weight into consideration.  Heavy items like clothes and books may be quite unwelcome.  Even clothing can be an inappropriate gift when storage space is limited.  Here are a few suggestions

Give a practical gift:

Even those of us who use GPS often like to have a road atlas on hand as backup.  A new, updated one might make a nice Christmas gift.

Gift cards for fuel or grocery stores are always appreciated. Try to choose chains that are widely available.

Gift certificates to go to the movies are another idea. Again, nationwide chains are best unless you know where the travelers will be.

A camera to capture all those fun experiences and new places makes a great gift for all ages.

Travel guides can be useful if you know the new places the recipient plans to travel to. The “Off The Beaten Path” guide books are a favorite of ours. (I believe there’s one for each state)

A membership to a chain gym can be used both to stay in shape while traveling and to be able to take a long, hot shower from time to time without worrying about conserving water. Some examples are Anytime Fitness, SNAP Fitness, and Planet Fitness,

Rechargeable flashlights/portable lights are great. No need to carry around extra batteries!

The National Park Passport and State Capitols Passport books are a fun souvenir. These are small blue books that visitors stamp with the special stamp and the date when they visit.

For families who hike, like mine, there’s no such thing as too many wool socks. Yes, we get excited about new socks. Yes, the kids too!

A travelling family will get a lot of benefit out of a zoo or museum membership that offers free or discounted admission to other museums.  We love our Western North Carolina Nature Center membership, which gets us reciprocal admission to both zoos and science centers under the AZA reciprocal program and the ASTC Travel Passport program.


2019 Road atlas
An updated road atlas comes in very handy!

Give Consumable Gifts:

Consumable can refer to food, certainly, but also anything that gets used up.  Christmas cookies, fudge, or a box of gourmet chocolates are all consumable. So are things like crayons, for families with young children, or other art supplies, or paper plates.

These are just a few ideas of gifts for RVers that don’t take up a lot of space or add a lot of weight.

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