Birding at Deer Hill Bog

While camped at Basin Campground in Evans Notch, we heard there was a wildlife viewing blind off Deer Hill Road.  Curly, our birder, and I got up early one morning to go check it out in hopes of seeing lots of birds and perhaps beavers or moose.

To get to the viewing area was a long drive up a rough dirt road, but that didn’t bother us.  There was a dirt pulloff with room for a few cars to park, but we were the only ones there.  The blind itself was wood with benches and viewing slots at a variety of heights, so we could choose to sit or stand.

We didn’t see a moose, or the beavers (though we could see their lodge) but we didn’t see and hear lots of frogs and birds, including an Eastern Kingbird , a merganser, and the ubiquitous Canada Geese. 

The Deer Hill Bog wildlife blind was a comfortable but uncrowded spot for birding and other wildlife watching, and we plan to return again when we’re back in the area.


Frogs in a bog
A variety of wildlife can be seen at Deer Hill Bog
We enjoyed watching this merganser early in the morning